Supporting Children’s Transitions Module (blended learning)


This module enables you to identify the range of transitions children and young people experience in the care system, both planned and unplanned. You will improve your understanding of current legislation and evaluate good practice in supporting young people in transition. This blended learning module includes a five hour group training and supporting e-learning resources. See the course description for full details.

Enrol for the Supporting Children’s Transitions blended learning module here. Completing this purchase will give you access to the module resources and e-learning elements of this course. See Description for details of booking the group training session.


This module looks at the range of transitions, both planned and unplanned, experienced by children and young people in need of children’s services. Our aim is to equip you with current legislation and practice guidance, so you can support young people through transition to achieve stability. We will look at universal rights and focus on disabled children and young people and those who are looked after in residential or foster care.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, you should be able to:

1. Identify planned and unplanned transitions experienced by young people

2. Summarise current legislation and guidance on stability and transitions

3. Communicate effectively with young people about transitions

4. Support young people when an unplanned move has been decided.

The blended learning module includes a five hour group training and supporting e-learning resources. See our calendar for the next open course date, or book us to come and run the course for your team or group.

If you are an individual enrolling for a private group training, you should have a coupon code to enable you to enrol for free. Please contact your group organiser if you haven’t got the code. Your group organiser will let you know your training date and venue.



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