Activity Tag: communication

Communication tools

This activity evaluates some communication tools to use with adults who lack capacity. THINK What communication tools have you found helpful? LEARN People who lack capacity may have difficulty communicating, for examples due to learning difficulties, neurological impairment, mental distress, physical impairments, or being a non-native English speaker. They may use augmented communication aids and …

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Communication challenges and approaches

This activity considers communication challenges for someone with dementia and some approaches that can help. THINK What communication challenges have you come across in your work? LEARN Lack of communication does not in itself mean someone lacks capacity to make decisions, so advocates should make every effort to establish communication with the person they represent. …

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Participation in transitions

Activity 1 Participation The first activity looks at the participation of young people in decisions about transitions. THINK What is it like to be a young person facing transition? How easy is it to participate in the process? What makes communication and participation difficult? LEARN Use our Empathy Exercise to gain insight into how transition …

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