Activity Category: Lived experience

Relationships of Trust

Relationships of Trust This activity was designed by care experienced young people from the advocacy charity Voice, with funding from the Children’s Workforce Development Council. It looks at relationships of trust as the foundation of child-centred practice and how you might develop them with children in need and at risk. They designed the activity and …

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Child-centred Practice

What is a child-centred view of advocacy? We try to present a child-centred as well as professional view of advocacy throughout the module. In this activity, we review what children and young people say about being child-centred or child-led, and about advocacy and advocates. LEARN Watch our presentation with quotations from research by the Children’s …

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What Young People Say about Advocacy

What young people say Advocacy is led by the wishes and feelings of the advocacy partners, the children and young people. So it is especially important that we listen regularly to what children and young people say about the advocacy role. LEARN Watch a film about advocacy presented by young people from Voice. APPLY How …

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