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Support with emotional triggers

This activity looks at what are emotional triggers for you as a worker and the people you work with. You will evaluate your emotional health and look at how to get support. THINK How does your job affect your emotional and mental health? Sometimes it can be hard to recognise our feelings; look at this …

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Overview of non-instructed advocacy (NIA)

The first activity provides an introduction NIA and the four main NIA approaches, which used together form a holistic approach. THINK How would you explain non-instructed advocacy to a colleague? LEARN Watch our presentation on NIA and the four main approaches. APPLY AND DEMONSTRATE Complete our matching activity (the practice assessment task below) to embed …

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mental capacity

Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act

In this activity we take a look at the key elements of the legal framework for people who lack capacity, in the Mental Capacity Act THINK What is mental capacity? Write your own definition here: [captainform id=”1292357″ lightbox=”1″ text_content=”Capacity%20Definition” type=”text”] LEARN Watch our presentation on the Mental Capacity Act. Refresh your memory of the four-point …

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