Care Matters Module Resources and Initial Assessment (bl)

Welcome to unit 2 of your Care Matters module.

You will need to complete this unit before the training day.

Activity 1

The first activity is a link to the Module Handbook. The Handbook contains the programme, all the information you will need on the day, and space to write notes. You need to download and bring a copy of the Handbook with you to your group training session.

Activity 2

The Module Resource page, with links to research, law and policy and background reading, is the second activity.

These are not required reading, they are resources for your reference, to access when you need them.

Your Introductory Assessment, in the form of a short quiz, is also below. Just click when you are ready to start. Please complete this at least 2 days before the training day and make a note of your results in your Module Handbook.

The final unit, with copies of presentations used, will be available when you log in after the training day.

If you have any questions please talk with your trainer or use our contact form.

Please complete the Module Resource activity first and then move onto the Introductory Quiz.