Introducing Advocacy and Children’s Rights (blended learning)

Welcome to Introducing Advocacy and Children’s Rights, one of the core modules from our Care Matters Course, supporting people’s well-being.

This is the blended learning module, with three hours group learning and up to two hours e-learning, research and assessment. You should already have the date for your group learning. Please contact us if you aren’t sure.

Like all our modules, Introducing Advocacy is person-centred and based on research, policy, practice and the expertise of experience. Successful completion of the course and the on-line final assessment leads to the award of a module certificate. Successful completion of five or more modules leads to the Care Matters course certificate.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, you should be able to:

  1. Define different types of advocacy
  2. Explain the role and boundaries of a children’s advocate
  3. identify when children have a right to advocacy
  4. Summarise how advocacy and a rights-based approach can help children achieve positive outcomes

Module Flow

Your course is divided into 3 topics, plus the training day. Each topic will provide information and may include activities such as presentations, discussions, reading and research. Some topics will have an assessment activity like a quiz. When you have completed all the reading and activities for each theme, use the “mark complete” button to move to the next topic.

The module starts with a pre-course quiz that helps you and us to assess your existing knowledge and focus your learning goals. The module then  covers the following themes:

  • Module and learning introduction
  • Advocacy defnitions and principles
  • Why children and young people need an advocate
  • Children’s rights to advocacy
  • Models of advocacy
  • The advocate’s role and boundaries
  • Championing children’s rights
  • Advocacy outomes and child-centred practice
  • Learning review and final assessment.

Module Reading

The module handbook contains all the essential information you need, along with reflective questions to help you learn. The module resources page contains links to research, legal documents, websites and books.

Learning Centre

We are careful to ensure that our learning centre and our Care Matters course meet the highest standards and this is reflected in our professional approach, comprehensive policies and practices and quality assurance guarantees. For details of our quality standards and a copy of our Learning Centre Handbook please see the next theme.

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