Improving Children’s Reviews Module Resources

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Legislation and Guidance

Children’s Act 1989

Care Planning, Placement and Case Review Regulations (England) 2010

Putting Care into Practice – statutory guidance for local authorities on care planning, placement and case review for looked after children 2010

Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000

Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) Handbook 2010

Young People’s Guide to the IRO Handbook

CAFCASS National Protocols 2014

See also local authority Care Plan templates and forms.

Reports and Research

Children and young people’s views on safeguarding – research findings from 11 MILLION supported by Sherbert Research, 11 Million 2009

Start with the child, stay with the child: A Blueprint for a Child-centred Approach to Children and Young People in Public Care; Voice 2005

Making care plans work well for children: messages from UEA research into care planning and the role of the IRO; UEA 2015

Care Planning and the Role of the Independent Reviewing Officer
Report on ESRC research grant ES/J012149/1; UEA 2015

The role of Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) in England
Final report; NCB 2015

How looked after children are involved in their review process; Have Your Say/NYA 2008

Pert, H, Diaz, C and Thomas, Nigel Children’s Participation in LAC Reviews: a study in one Engilsh local authority. Child and Family Social Work/UCLAN 2014.

Useful Resources

It’s My Review Booklet, Kirklees Council

MOMO Get Ready paper version

See for more info and apps

LAC Review Co-Chair guide, Croyden Council

Review Invite, Trafford Council

LAC questionnaire 8+, Trafford Council

LAC questionnaire 8-, Trafford Council

Adams, M; Brady, L; Johnson, M. An Advocate’s Guide to Complaints in England; Pavilion 2018

See also our Improving Reviews Module Reader for a summary of key research, legislation and good practice.