Introduction to Effective Secure Accommodation Reviews

Welcome to Effective Secure Accommodation Reviews

This is one of the specialist modules from our Care Matters Programme, a Gateway Quality Assured course. The programme comprises a range of modules for families and workers involved in supporting people’s well-being.

Like all our modules, Effective SARs is person-centred and based on research, policy, practice and the expertise of experience. Successful completion of the course and the on-line final assessment leads to the award of a module certificate. Successful completion of three or more modules leads to the Care Matters Course certificate. All certificates are issued by Gateway Qualifications for Reshapers.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, you should be able to:

  1. Summarise how to meet the legal requirements to ensure secure accommodation reviews are effective

  2. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the professionals involved in secure accommodation reviews

  3. Adopt strategies to ensure the needs of children and young people are met and their rights are maintained.

Module Flow

The module starts with a pre-course quiz that helps you and us to assess your existing knowledge and focus your learning goals. The module then progresses through:

  • understanding the secure world: why young people are in secure accommodation and what they think about being there
  • secure accommodation orders – the legal basis
  • secure accommodation reviews – the legal basis
  • roles and responsibilities in secure accommodation reviews
  • good practice in secure accommodation reviews
  • course review and final assessment.

Module Reading

The module handbook contains all the essential information you need, along with reflective questions to help you learn. The module resources page contains links to research, legal documents, websites and books.

Learning Centre

We are careful to ensure that Reshapers learning centre and our Care Matters course meets the highest standards and this is reflected in our quality assurance “stamp of approval” by  Gateway Qualifications. For details of Gateway certification, our quality standards and a copy of our Learning Centre Handbook please see the topic below.

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